Stucco Washing

Stucco Pressure Washing Company

Stucco Pressure Washing Company

Yes, stucco can be washed. However, an internet search on the subject will leave you concerned, and rightfully so. High-pressure washing should never be used. Fortunately, we along with other experienced contractors do not clean with pressure on any surface. Chemical and technique allow for the best results. Stucco being an exterior reservoir system is porous by nature and absorbs water only to emit it out as it dries. 

Stucco Pressure Washing Services

Surface staining such as black streaks is typically indicative of missing flashing or a heavy wear area that should be evaluated further but will clean nonetheless. Moisture intrusion is the issue and can cause concern on any siding system, even the newer cement fiberboard if not sealed properly. Generally speaking, stucco is fine but a problem for homes built in the late ’90s and early 2000s stemming from building practices. The areas of concern are always where the stucco siding is breached with a window, door, light sconce, or trim. If we see something noticeable we’ll bring it to your attention. 

As a general rule the darker the stains, the more they come out. Light stains will lighten but will leave shadows. Some concrete stains are not molds rather forms of efflorescence that may require specialty acid washing. Stains along the foundation are embedded too deeply and likely won’t come clean. The rest of the home gets a general rinse to rid the exterior of general filth.

Stucco Pressure Washing Services in Chester County, PA