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Cedar Shake Restoration

Roof Pressure Washing Company

Roof Pressure Washing Company

The black mold stains found on your roof, typically on the north side, are not harmful to your shingles but are certainly unsightly and leave an impression that the roof is old and needs to be replaced.  This type of cleaning yields excellent results but other growth such as moss or lichen typically originating from trees above can and will damage your roofing shingles once the growth sets in. 

Cedar Shake Restoration & Pressure Washing Services

We offer roof washing solutions on a case-by-case basis. Essentially if the roof is too far gone we can’t assume the risk of washing it when a replacement is necessary. Roof pitch and accessibility are other strong factors with pricing. As part of the roof wash, we take the opportunity to ensure your gutters are clear and flowing as designed. 

Most often customers request a small section of roof to be treated and cleaned which we are happy to do as part of the general house wash.  


Cedar Shake Restoration & Pressure Washing Services in Chester County, PA