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Pre-Listing Home Sale Company

Pre-Listing Home Sale Company

One of the most impactful things any homeowner can do when preparing the home for market or more specifically “picture day” is to have the exterior washed to rid the home of any mold or black stains. These stains are magnified in most real estate photos due to the use of contrast and added exposure techniques. All too often roof stains lead to unfounded concerns of future roof replacement and the mold just makes the home look dingy. The subtle brightening of white trim, soffits, facia, eves, and gutter faces creates a fresh and clean look. 

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Real estate professionals are aware of the green mold but seldom recognize the rest of the cobwebs, pollen, and general filth within the nooks and crannies. By far the biggest bang for your buck is a basic house wash when prepping your home for the market. From there sometimes a deck stain application is in order, light trimming of hedges, clearing of flower beds, and window cleaning is advised.  

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