Paver or Stamped

Concrete Restoration

Paver Pressure Washing Company

Paver Pressure Washing Company

As with any other surface, pavers require cleaning as needed. Black mold and moss are most common. Often the pitch of the surface is inconsistent or non-existent allowing water to pool and support organic growth. Once moss sets in it’s more than likely time to wash and reapply polymeric sand to your joints. 

We also recommend sealing the pavers with a quality product to keep the area fresh for longer. Paver sealing acts like a scotch guard for carpets making subsequent washes effective at cleaning without etching the concrete pavers.

Stamped Concrete Restoration Services

For instance, stamped concrete will repel grease stains from a grill provided the sheen still exists from the gloss coat. Pavers clean in the same manner. When sealed paver joints will help repel organic fuel needed for moss to take root. 

However, if the underlying cause of the stains is poor drainage we will highly recommend addressing that prior to any paver or concrete restoration.

Stamped Concrete Restoration Services in Chester County, PA